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Group of companies «Morinzhgeologia»

Joint Stock Company “Morinzhgeologia” (Riga)

Limited Liability Company “Morinzhgeologia” (Astrakhan)

Closed Joint Stock Company “Diagnostika podvodnykh truboprovodov” (Moscow)

About the company

Types of operations

Quality policy

Methods and technology

The “Morinzhgeologia” holding incorporates 4 companies:

Joint Stock Company “Morinzhgeologia” (Riga)

Ph: +371 67919860
Fax: +371 67919166
Address: 5-67 Reznas Street, Riga,
LV-1019, Latvia
Office address: 22 Smilshu Street,
Babite, LV-2101, Latvia
Å-mail: office.riga@morinzhgeologia.lv

management of the holding;

offshore geotechnical surveys;

onshore geotechnical surveys;

development and manufacture of equipment.

Limited Liability Company “Morinzhgeologia” (Astrakhan)

Fax: +7 (8512) 519382
Address: 85 Krasnaya Naberezhnaya Street, Astrakhan 414004, Russia
Å-mail: migofficce@mail.ru,

offshore surveys for the construction of offshore structures and installation of Jack-up drilling rig (hydrographic survey, continuous seismoacoustic profilling, seismic reflection method CDP, magnetometry, SSS, engineering-–geological drilling with sampling, CPT, seabed sampling);

soil investigations at offshore sites prepared for oil exploration drilling;

search for and diagnostics of offshore engineering structures, pipelines and wrecks;

onshore geotechnical surveys.


Ph.: : +31 (0) 73 5114692
Burg. v. Houtplein 43 5251 PT Vlijmen, Nederland
Å-mail: info@opzeeland.eu

Foundations (spud cans) for Offshore Platforms;

Interaction of piles and soils;

Determination of the type and size of the piles of their bearing capacity;

Checking the axial capacity of the piles at the proposed depth, as well as the drivability of the piles in comparisation of the soils due to their resistance to piling;

Determination of the dependence of movements of piles in the soil on loads;

To provide lateral soil resistance (P-Y) data for use in lateral load analyses of platform piles. E.g. Results of lateral load-deflection (P-Y) analyses;

To provide side friction-pile movement (T-Z) data and tip load-pile tip movement (Q-W) data for use in axial load-pile movement analyses of platform piles;

To provide criteria for estimating the required size of mud-mats, To provide general recommendations concerning pile installation;

To provide Pile Drivability study based on given pile sizes, wall thickness and hammers;

To provide Ultimate Leg Load versus Spud can Penetration curves in lower bound- and upper bound situations;

Design calculations for construction include analysis of pile driving and selection of acceptable hammers. The design value of the penetration of the supports at the maximum loads created during the installation period is calculated and the possible sediments are analyzed for the drilling period;

The “Morinzhgeologia” Group was established in 1993 based on the manufacturing, production and scientific-technical facilities of the former Research and Production Association “Soyuzmorinzhgeologia”, which carried out comprehensive engineering surveys on the continental shelf of USSR during the development of oil and gas resources.

After the establishment of our companies, the equipment was upgraded and new technologies were introduced, which allowed to widen the scope of activities and of services provided. Alongside with offshore engineering surveys, the companies inspect riverbeds, the bottom of interior water bodies and underwater pipelines by remote methods. Research and development works in those spheres are carried out. Our specialists participated in the development of construction rules and regulations of the Russian Federation for engineering surveys on the continental shelf, and in the establishment of a system of monitoring of crossings of trunk pipelines through water obstacles.

Standards and methods approved in CIS, Great Britain and USA are used during the execution of operations.

The companies’ activities comply with the requirements of the standards ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004..

Joint Stock Company “Morinzhgeologia” is a member of the Russian Oil & Gas Builders Union.

The equipment has been certified in accordance with the requirements of the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Standards.

The processing and interpretation of data are carried out using a wide range of licensed software products. The set of methods and equipment of our companies could be utilised for the solution of various production, scientific and technical problems, including technological, ecological, geological ones, in prospecting and exploration for construction materials etc.

Large-scale geotechnical investigations are carried out in the Caspian Sea, incorporating detailed surveys of the sea depth and seabed surface, investigations of the geological structure of the soil massif and geotechnical parameters of soils.

Geotechnical operations, which incorporate drilling and sampling in geotechnical boreholes and cone penetration testing (CPT) are carried out from specialised drilling vessels. A drilling pontoon and the shallow-draft geotechnical vessel “Izyskatel’-1” are used for shallow-water operations. The technology of geotechnical operations developed by the companies’ specialists ensures the acquisition of undisturbed soil samples (cores) and CPT to the depth of 80–100 m below the seabed at the sea depth of up to 100 m.

The reconstruction of a more powerful drilling vessel “Izyskatel’-3” has been completed; it is capable of operating at the sea depth of up to 150 m.

Starting in 1996 until present, we have carried out geotechnical investigations at Russian offshore of the Caspian Sea under contract with enterprises of LUKOIL Oil Company, the Caspian Oil Company, the Dragon Oil Company, the Petronas Company etc.; we have also investigated large quantity sites offshore Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

Geotechnical investigations have been conducted aimed at the development of the first producing oil and gas field in the Northern Caspian Sea – Named After Y. Korhagin, as well as surveys aimed at the support of reconstruction and construction of oil and gas production structures offshore Turkmenistan; geotechnical investigations have been completed, aimed at the development of the field Named After V. Filanovskiy. The inspection and long-term (since 1993) monitoring of the condition of the most important crossings of trunk gas lines in the basins of the Volga, the Ob’ and in other areas were carried out. The enterprise was awarded the Gazprom Prize for the development and introduction of a system of instrumented inspection of underwater crossings of trunk pipelines through water obstacles.

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